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Miss Cleo, dats you?

A loooong time ago, my mom and her bestie went to go see a psychic. When she told me about it, at the time, I didn't believe any of it. Until something came true. Ever since then, I was scared as hell to see a psychic. But, that all changed.

One of my close friends went to see this psychic that lets you record your session. I call it a session because she isn't really reading your future, she's telling you what she see's, however she does say you have the opportunity to change it. Anyways, my friend hit me up like YO YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS SHIT. So, during out regular weekly gathering, he let me hear it and I was shook. I had to make an appointment! After moving back home to Buffalo from Charlotte my future seemed very unclear and I had been wishing I had some insight. So, what better way than this, right?

Once I made the appointment, a good friend of mine made hers on the same day. Thank God. Had she not, I probably would've never went. I was nervous as shit. Initially, I was thinking she would be some creepy lady, looking into my soul trying to take the life out of me, dressed like Miss Cleo in those old ass commercials. But, I was wrong as hell. Lisa (this is not her real name) was really chill, dressed like a regular white woman going to Target on a Saturday afternoon.

She has these big, plush chairs and I took my seat. I confirmed that I could record and she told me yes while handing me a paper and pen asking if I wanted to take notes for memory as well and I did. She was quiet, for about 20 seconds and she told me she's just picking up information to share, that people come in, she talks to them and then she'll share. Lisa took notes, nodded her head and didn't speak for a few moments and it freaked me the fuck out.

An older woman figure apparently appeared on my right side (which is your mothers side) and it (from my thinking) was none other than my great-grandmother who passed in 2012. Lisa talked about her pointing out leg problems or movement problems for someone in my family, and I had no idea what she was talking about. However, this doesn't mean that something in the future wouldn't be a connection to this. At this point, I wasn't a believer. But, I continued. Lisa continued by saying things about my great-grandmother that only someone that knew her, would know! How she was big on birthdays and holidays, and how I constantly find dimes, and I do! I know it seems like bullshit but I always questioned, especially more recently why I find dimes and not pennies (because I'm a 10, duh). I literally just found a dime on our floor in our hotel room in Vegas for New Years. It was crazy.

Now, I'm sitting in front of Lisa, palms sweaty, like okay sis this is getting weird. After she told me the shit about the dimes, she goes into relationships. Great - that's what I'm here for. She saw matrimony, marriage, long term relationships. My first thought was WHERE IS HE?! She went into telling me I was going to move again, and that was sooooo good to hear. She mentioned being better after I move and everything happening within a 5 year span. Whew, praise him! I was so nervous to think I'd be back here in Buffalo forever, not that I don't love my hometown, but, I felt like a better person in Charlotte, we'll talk about that later.

Next, she mentioned me having a connection to Jacksonville, FL. I'd only been there once, I was maybe 6 or 7 years old and the only thing I remember was it being hot as hell. Once I got home, the only thing I could think of was that my ex boyfriend Adrian lives there now. That's still my dawg, but please don't tell me I'm going to be connected to him forever, Lisa, because I CANNOT. She went in to say there's a connection there in the future, potentially work related which was a relief.

Her awkward silences continued, then her eyes lit up and she said "Yeah, you aren't supposed to be here, you're supposed to be in the south. But when you were there, it wasn't your time. You had to come back, something forced you back because you weren't going to come." True shit, sis. I was heartbroken when I had to move back. The good thing is she said I will be in a place that I could fly or drive back when I needed to within one day, and I'll be close enough to home. I don't have to do anything more with education or anything I'll be just fine. The only thing that's holding me back is timing. However, she see's me making the choice to move again but there will be a person in my life, relationship wise, that will be moving with me or already there.

My great-grandmother apparently talked to Lisa about someone in my family that's younger, using their voice semi-professionally. I still don't know what the fuck she was talking about.

One thing that stood out to me is her saying "there is more fate than we want to give credit to." Things will happen regardless of what you want to happen.

I asked her about going back to school and she said "you're already employable, if you want to, go ahead, but from what I see you don't need it." It was confusing, because I'd love to go back.

I then asked her about the guy I was dealing with, Nathaniel. First thing sis said is "I don't think that's who you're supposed to be with, but, it doesn't hurt to entertain it, understand?" HEARD YOU. We see how that ended up (read This ain't it...).

Lastly, I asked her about kids and she said "yes, two" instantly. No indication of the gender, but later in life, around age 33-34 and the person that I have kids with doesn't have any. *hits dougie*

Ultimately, the shit was weird. I feel like I needed more clarity, however, I didn't have too many specific questions outside of am I having children, and moving back to Charlotte. However, I'm going back to see if sis can tell me anything else. LMAO.

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