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As Hot Girl Summa continues (thank you Megan), I visited the 305 to get a lil sun, eat good and hang out with some cool girls! Here's a little about what I did!

I was presented the information about "No Sleep South Beach" almost 8 months ago. My friend hadn't been to Miami, and last time I was there, I was practically babysitting grown ass adults, so a re-do was necessary. Why do they call it No Sleep South Beach, you ask? BECAUSE THESE MUFFUCKAS REALLY DON'T WANT YOU TO REST. The weekend was (supposed) to go as follows:

Friday - Day party 12p-8p

Friday - Night party 11p-5am

Saturday - Yacht Party - 3p-7p (unlimited open bar)

Saturday - Night party 11p-5a

Sunday - Pool Party 12p-8p

Now... at my nearly 30 year old age I absolutely PLAYED myself thinking I was going to want to do all of this. Lol.

By using the Hopper App to keep track of my flights, I was able to catch a direct, round trip flight from Buffalo to Ft. Lauderdale for $193. We booked a hotel right on Collins for a smooth $600 for the whole weekend. It was a steal and you couldn't beat it! We were booked, busy & ready to go!

The hardest part was finding clothes that were flattering, yet a tad bit naked. Plus, being plus-size and looking for an all white outfit was a task in itself! But, Torrid, Forever21, CurvySense, Rebdolls & Rue107 came through for your girl.

The promoter for NSSB sent out multiple emails per day. They were definitely detailed! First step after we arrived was to pick up our wristbands to get us into all of the events. That was smooth...outside of us going to the wrong place, first. No Biggie. Once that was handled, we did dinner at the Sugar Factory. When it comes to food on vacation I tend to spare no expense. Hence my $80 bill for a burger, fries and drink. THE DRINK WAS $43. My momma gave me $50 before I left for the drink way I was buying that lmaooo.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night party...or...they got ready for the night party and I took my ass to sleep! I'd been up since 3am for my flight, and there was no way I was going to make it. Since I'm not a club mami anyway, it wasn't a big deal.

Day 2. Brunch was fabulous. The Social Club inside of the Kimpton hotel had a great menu, including fresh pressed juices. They were refreshing, nourishing and went well with my chicken & waffles!

It was super muggy outside, and looked like it was going to rain. So, after brunch, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the all white party, since we had to leave an hour or so prior to the boat leaving.

I love a good all white party, especially when majority of the people on the yacht are black. It's like one big ass family reunion with cousins you never met that drink henny, eat wings, spill shit on their clothes and not even care because you're having so much fun. Waiting for the boat to leave when the promoter insisted that you be on time was NOT the move, though. It is 100 degrees, the wind was blowing, my dress was flying up every which way... I was annoyed, I wanted a seat, a drink and to DRIVE THE DAMN BOAT (not literally, obvi). The DJ wasn't great ... and that was disappointing. His transitions were terrible and he played songs multiple times. You can't play Back That Ass Up when we just got on the boat. We aren't even drunk yet!

The only good picture I got at the all white party.

One of the girls I was with was living her best life, drinking multiple henny & coke's and by the time we got off, she had to pee...really bad! It's always hilarious watching your friend trying to find a bathroom when there isn't one close by! Our Lyft driver was nice enough to stop her somewhere to use the bathroom and laughed with us and we laughed at her! He dropped us off at a place close to our hotel for food, called Cheeseburger Baby, which was mildly disappointing. Fries were gross, burger wasn't seasoned. I ate a cookie for dinner. Whatever.

Now, I was very clear to my group to wake me up for the night party if I went to sleep if they were still gonna go. They did, I missed it. Oh well. Again, not a club person so I wasn't pressed.

Sunday, we found a cute, local spot called Moreno's for Brunch, which was also pretty good. Delicious Cuban food that was filling & decently priced. We didn't have any plans this day, so we chilled, had some great girl talk and figured out our day. We had drinks at the hotel bar with a very attractive bartender from Argentina! We talked to random people and just relaxed for the majority of the day. The other girls in the group chose a little Italian restaurant for dinner, I don't think anyone was too impressed. Since it was National Ice Cream Day, we found a Ben & Jerry's and succumbed to our sweet tooth cravings we'd all been having all week.

It was a great little girls trip and just what I needed ! All good vibes, beautiful black women & Miami sun. OOoowwwwwwWWw!

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