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"I am a big boss b*tch..."

"...I do not come in your size...NO!" At least that what Cardi said. LOL. Nah, seriously though... I'm overweight af, but I carry it well. However, I (knees included) are tired of carrying it at all! I love food, okay? LOVE. I eat when I'm happy, sad, stressed... all that. Food is and always has been my escape. My happy place. Aannnndddd I can actually cook (and bake) WELL! So, it's hard for a girl who's family comes from the south to get a grip on this whole clean eating thing. But, here we are.

I really want to focus on working out and eating better to be healthy for my future children and all that shit. For now though, the focus is to look like a got damn 3 course meal walking into my Thirtieth Birthday Party in September. The vision for my outfit does not come with a muffin top so I have to get my shit together and fast.

Cutting things totally out of my diet never seem to work, but then again, I don't think I've put a 100% focus on it either. I love fruits and vegetables and I drink a ton of water, so that isn't the problem. I love cakes, pies, chicken wings, mashed potatoes and my mom's greens just as much. Portion control, working out and cutting the fried food & sweets to an extreme low is going to be the process for me. I'll of course update with progress, work outs, recipes and the struggle of it all. But just know, come September 30th ... YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO TELL ME SHIT.

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