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....IT HAS BEGUN! I currently reside in Buffalo and it has been cold as a bitch since last year, literally. Lol. It seems like an eternity since we've seen sun and felt the warmth on our skin. But it's here and I plan on taking full advantage of the last summer in my twenties. With party planning, wrist surgery, still focusing on my bucket list and goals, fun is the most important thing to me right now.

I decided to start the summer at Roots Picnic with my besties James, Corey & their friend Eugenia (sorry if that's not how you spell your name, girl)! We purchased our tickets, which were decently priced, a few months back and we were excited ever since. James and I were avid listeners of 'The Read' podcast, so we were excited to see them live (they ended up not showing - more on that later). They also decided to throw D'ussepalooza in the mix that weekend, (shoutout Kam & Christylezz) if you haven't experienced the greatest party on earth - you need to. Overall, I had an amazing time with my besties because it's literally always a good time with them. We make the most of everything we do together! HOWEVER, I think my time with festivals are over and I'll explain why. I've been to Made in America, One Music Fest, and now Roots Picnic... and yeah... this ain't it.

Prior to arriving at Roots Picnic we went to brunch, at a place that's BYOB. We didn't KNOW it was BYOB, so I was a tad upset lmao. But, the food was delicious! Asiahn (who is my new bestie) performed at the picnic at 1, so we wanted to be there on time to get a good place near the stage. We pull up to the Picnic at 11:45am since doors opened at 12 and already there was a line. WHY LORD?! Standing in the sun you could feel the heat. Philly was about 80+ degrees that day, and barely a breeze. The performances we all wanted to see ranged from 1pm-9pm...ya'll know good and black ass well we didn't make it til then. But here's why!

THESE GOT DAMN BUGS. OMG. I know standing outside in a park you'll see bugs. You'll have to swat them from time to time. Cool. But this? This was an abnormal amount of bugs that didn't give a damn about your personal space. They were everywhere. In packs! Ew. Yuck. Gross. I know when I said "I can't do these bugs" and James said "me either," that we were going to head out early and that was OKAY WITH ME.

Now, the first performance was Asiahn. If you're not familiar, get familiar. She is an amazingly beautiful, chocolatey brown woman who sings her ass off (live) and writes all of her own music. I got put on to her through my homeboy Quell a few years ago and I've been hooked and wanting to see her live ever since. I stood there, singing my heart out for her whole 1/2 hour set, and politely took my ass away from those bugs.

We found a little arcade area with all sorts of games and...chairs. We all sat and hung out there for a while since it was starting to get hot. Corey & I found a table and bench and played Connect Four, while Eugenia and James went on to explore. I wasn't with the shits. The heat was TEW MUCH and the bugs were just as bad. Corey & I got lemonade and relaxed. We all decided to head out around 4pm, which was after the City Girls performance...because we all know...RABGAFBAN. I ended up seeing Ari Lennox, City Girls and a flash of Common, while James & Corey also got a glimpse of Tank and the Bangas. The one thing that was a total turn off - a Porta Potty. I refuse. Nope. Nah. Not doing it. So, as soon as I think I need to pee, I'm gone.

The performances got pushed back due to lateness, so we though we were going to miss City Girls, but she (YungMiami) came out as we were making our exit. She is extremely underwhelming and the girls in the crowd had more energy than she did, and that wasn't really surprising. Back tracking a bit, early that morning, we saw that Crissle from The Read posted that she wouldn't be at the festival, which sucked, because that's who we came to see mostly. James & I had been trying to get to a live show for a while now and our dreams were crushed. However, Crissle is mad rude to her "fans" and I'm over her ass. Lol. Roots Picnic was an experince, though. The set up, the performances, the food, the BLACK ASS PEOPLE. I loved it outside of the heat and the bugs. But big ass parks, porta potties, no seats... nah. I'm old and my back hurts and I'm ready to go before it even begins lmao.

Once we left, it was time to get in some sight-seeing and Philly eating. While in Philly, of course, we needed a cheesesteak. Max's was the one place everyone told us to go to. There was a line out the door when we pulled up, so my thought was that this was it - it was going to be the bomb. Buffalo food, even cheesesteaks, are top tier. So, they had a lot to live up to. We get in this line a little after 7pm...and didn't leave until...after 9 fucking o clock. The sun was down when we left! While in line we met a bunch of cool people, saw the infamous candy lady, someone offered to share their blunt, and tried to sell us oils. I was in the hood, and I loved every bit of it. I felt right at home. We finally ordered, got our food, stopped at the store for chips and other snacks to accompany our meal, and bit in. It was totally underwhelming and dry. The bread was hard and there was no sauce. Just meat, mayo, cheese and onion. I'd rather eat sleep for dinner.

Only one good thing came from standing in that damn line. We met Asiahn. Met, spoke to, took pictures with Asiahn. She was standing in front of us, and James said it looked like her. And it did. The denim jacket and hair were very reminiscent of her style. But I hadn't seen her face, so I wasn't convinced. Then she turned to the side and I saw her face and was damn near starstruck! I tapped her on the shoulder and asked for a photo and she was so sweet about it. I told her how I was introduced to her music (through my friend) and that I wanted to send him a video of her and I so he'd be jealous! She was all for it! We sent Quell a snap video and it seems as if before I even sent the entire video, he was calling me via FaceTime. We both laughed! They talked for a moment and I was super shocked at how down to earth she was. I was obsessed! We tweeted the next day about our cheesesteak experience, she followed me on twitter and now you cannot convince me that we aren't best friends! It was hilarious to know that before I left for Philly I said I was gonna meet her, and look how things manifest. Ain't God good?

Between hanging out with my besties, meeting Asiahn, laughing about how terrible the cheesesteaks were and watching Corey dance at Palooza, the weekend was a hit! I wouldn't do the Festival again - but the experience was memorable and epic! Oh, and I'm quite sure Corey will not be driving any long distances ever again!

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