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Ya'll! Let me tell you about the wild shit that happened to me. I can't even keep this to myself anymore. It's so ridiculous, it's I have to talk about it!

I visited Atlanta in December and while I was in the airport coming back home I saw this guy looking at me, but paid him no mind. This same guy, was assigned the seat right next to me... go figure. He introduced himself and because of the noise from people boarding the plane, I didn't hear him say his name. I didn't ask him to repeat himself either. We had small talk, he asked where I was from and it just so happened we lived in the same city. I gave him my number and the plane took off. Once we landed he said he'd be in touch. Again, I never heard what his name was so, I had to be a player about it once he hit me up.

...and he did indeed hit me up. That same damn day. Now, at the time, I thought it was cute because...SWEAT ME. PERIOD. I believe his initial text said something along the lines of "hey gorgeous," and I knew it was him - but I didn't know his name so I hit him with the "who is this?" He said his name was Giovanni. Now, my first reaction was ... I KNOW THAT'S NOT YOUR NAME. But, he claimed he was from Atlanta. Maybe they're just different down there. Who knows. Whatever. He asked me to hang out that night and I said absolutely not - I don't even know you, you aren't coming to my house. Public places only fam. I asked if we could go out another night and he didn't respond to the message. He called. We had small talk for a few minutes until he asked me if I liked coffee. I do. I'd never been asked on a coffee date before, and I thought his persistence was sweet, so I agreed. We met at a local coffee shop and talked until they kicked us out. He told me about graduating college and how he was raised in Atlanta. He had 2 children in college and moved here with his then girlfriend because she got a job here. Some of the most impressive things he said he did consisted of fighting MMA, working on the Obama campaign and being super passionate about his current job. One thing that stood out was that he said he had no social media - at all. It shouldn't ring off any alarms because people aren't forced to have it, but in todays world, in our 20 somethings, who doesn't? Of course, he asked why I was single. Where have I been hiding, etc. He was completely buttering me up and I'm not even gonna hold ya'll it was working. I was smitten...AF. Once they kicked us out of the coffee shop after it closed he asked me if I wanted to smoke, and I don't, so of course, I politely declined and took my black ass home. He texted me that evening to make sure I was home safe and then sent your typical "good morning beautiful" text the next day. I like that little cute shit so it was refreshing, especially since I had just come home from dealing with Nathaniel and his bullshit (see first blog post).

We hung out a few more times, over dinner and talking pretty much every was dope! He was charming, southern, funny and really smart - which was the most attractive thing about him. Giovanni was seemingly attentive and affectionate and didn't hesitate to express his attraction to me. A real "man." Likes to lead, take control, etc. But, for whatever reason SOMETHING just wasn't right. In my spirit. I felt it. It was one of those "too good to be true" type of things. I know people question Women's Intuition but mine is ALWAYS right. ALWAYS. I may not listen to the bitch most times, but she be knowing. Since I haven't had the greatest luck with dating I pushed my gut feeling to the side for a while and said maybe it's you, Taylorr. Maybe you are so scared of the past reoccurring you don't know something good when it's in front of you. Give it a chance, blah blah fuckin blah... Fuck that. I couldn't take it anymore. I had my FBI (Facebook Bureau of Investigations) look into him. I was not trying to wait around for some bullshit to smack me in the face other times. I needed to know if I was crazy about this feeling or if my intuition was spot on.

I text my girl and ask if she could find the info. She asked for a pic, name and number. I gave it to her. Literally, not even 60 seconds later she sent me his Facebook page. SIS SHOULD REALLY BE IN THE FBI. A few minutes later, she sends me a short bio on him that was posted on his jobs website. It included his real name, which was clearly not fucking Giovanni and let me know that he had FIVE children AND was previously MARRIED.


You're hiding a whole family?! MIND YOU! He also gave me a Google Voice number! What he didn't realize is that when you're on a call via Google Voice it sends the call to your voicemail and your real phone number is said. So, we jotted that down just in case.

I was taken aback. Not shocked, but disappointed. I genuinely wanted to be wrong. But nope. Intuition never lies. Now, I had to figure out exactly what I was going to do because ain't no way I'm not gonna have some fun with this. I went through his Facebook friends to see if we had any in common. We did. My dawg from college! She's taken plenty of dummy missions with me so I know she had the scoop. So, I call my girl. The first thing she says when I mentioned him is "No. Absolutely not. He is awful." I said well damn. I'm so glad I didn't get deeper into this before finding all of this out.

The day that I found all this out, we were supposed to link up for dinner. I kept the date. He gets to dinner and for whatever reason he already looked like something was wrong. I very calmly asked him about his real name. He stumbled over his words and couldn't find a good explanation for the lie at all. As far as the children and wife - he said he told people he was married so women wouldn't flock to him... and the other 3 children, were his step kids. FOH BOY. Even if that were true, no way in black ass hell am I believing it ! He apologized so much. His reasoning (make sure you're prepared to laugh at this one) was because women objectify him. He felt like a new identity would keep him from getting his feelings hurt.

Needless to say, that didn't go anywhere. I almost felt bad for him. You have a real problem if you lie about your name and carry on that lie for no reason to someone who never did a damn thing to you. But more so, it was annoying. I was in the airport minding my business. Not bothering a soul. Eating my cookie. And here you come, with terrible intentions just as selfish as you want to be. Had I never questioned anything, he would have went on with this shit like nothing ever happened. That's the scary part. The deception.

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