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Hey loves!

I always say I know I've been gone for a while...but I really do know that! With everything going on, life is coming at me fast BUT I wanted to tap in with ya'll to tell you about a new product that I've tried and LOVE!


BABY! It's gold! Below you'll see photos of before & after, but let me tell you a little about the product.

Aite, so boom...

Of course, Black owned. I mean, what more do you actually need to know? As soon as you open the jar you get this delicious minty scent. It smooth, and goes on to your edges, easily. Now, if you're a Baby Hair Princess, like me, you'll want to wipe off your edges nighty (you should do that anyway) and make sure there is no other product build up or residue. Apply once or twice daily to thinner areas of the scalp. I used my fingers to apply, super easy and simple. Store at room temperature, wherever you store the rest of your hair care products and watch the magic happen!

Find them & order yours today! IG: EdgeNaturale

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