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Da Ronaaaaa

I'm sick of this stank bitch CORONAVIRUS. T I Y U R D, OKAY?! I haven't blogged in...obviously forever. I've been in my feelings. Stressed. Appalled. Annoyed. UNEMPLOYED. Lord. I just... can't.

So. I decided to come fuck with ya'll and see what's up. I know we're all in a crazy place, whether you're laid off or still having to work. This pandemic is unexpected and stressful for everyone. I hope you are all staying safe, hopeful and emotionally stable.

2020 has been a hot ass fucking mess so far. Kobe is GONE, we're stuck in the got damn house, YT PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR RABBIT ASS MINDS and nearly everybody and they momma is laid off. Including me. I feel directionless and stuck. I know there are better things to come, but right now, I feel stuck. It's draining trying to wait on unemployment, and figure out your next move.

Life is at a standstill and will never be the same and it scares me. How do we proceed after all the "phases" of reopening are done? What ... the ... hell ? Do we go to brunch and wear masks?! How will concerts work? Is social distancing a thing for...ever? In the words of the Queen Yung Miamia "ionlikedet."

The positive part about it all is that I've realized a few things about myself. I work much better without a strict schedule. Waking up without an alarm brings me joy. Being home gives me more time to workout (walking the park), staying sane, finding passion in things I used to do that I didn't quite make time for like practicing my makeup skills or writing. I guess I'd just love to live a life where someone else pays all my bills and I do what I want all day, lol. But that's obviously not practical.

Moving forward, I realize if I have to stick to a schedule, I need to be much more disciplined in making time for myself and the things that I want to do. Makeup, cooking, creating, writing, etc. I need discipline. I would be MUCH FARTHER IN LIFE if I had some. We're gonna work on that... we're not in our 20 something's anymore, Taylorr.

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