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I saw a meme one day that said "I love being Black. It's dangerous sometimes, but it's lit AF." It's SO TRUE. I'm not even going to get into the struggles we face on a daily basis. I want to talk about the lit AF part! Since it is Black History Month, I wanted to post some of my favorite Black Owned Businesses (and their instagram handles) so you guys can check them out! Majority of them I have used myself so I can speak to their litness, and the others I have heard great things about...oh, and Snob Sweets is me! If you own or know of any other Black Owned Businesses send them my way! I'm always down to support! Check out the list below and holla at me if you've checked out any of them! I want to know about your experiences!

Snob Sweets @Snob.Sweets.NY

Just B McKay Photography @jsutbmckayphotography

Power In Black Tees @powerinblacktees

Soulful Vibes Co. @soulfulvibesco

Tree Naturals @treenaturals

Guaggi @Guaggi

Juvias Place @JuviasPlace

Book’d Planner @TheBookdStore

The Crayon Case Cosmetics @Thecrayoncase

Trappin Anonymous Podcast by Chris Stylezz @Christylezz

Tidal @Tidal

She Orgasms @Sheorgasms

Dussepalooza @Dussepalooza

Trap Karaoke @trapkaraoke

Trap Yoga @TrapYogaBae

Go Pole Fitness @gopole_fitness

Salon Talk Podcast @SalonTalkPodcast

Nani’s Locks @CapriSunshyne

High Klass Hair @highklass_hair

I’m Livin B @imlivinb

Abstract Illism @abstractillism

Stoop & Stank @stoopandstank

Jess Nailin’ It @Jessnailinit

Buffalo Plant Burger @buffalo_plant_burger

Erica Creates @ericawcreates

Freddy J’s @FreddyJsbbq

Natural Annie Essentials @NaturalAnnieEssentials

Book A Flight

Ebony Snow’s Hair Care @EbonySnows

Corey Russel @crussell_author

The Read @ThisIsTheRead

Black Girl Podcast @BlackGirlPod

Ashleigh P Hair Studio @AshleighPhairstudio

Black Monarchy @shopblackmonarchy

UnBossed Apparel @unbossedapparel

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