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I don’t even want to look at the date of the last time I blogged because I’m so ashamed that I let this piece of me fall to the wayside. However, I’m baaaaccckkk (for now) and committing to bi-weekly posts and hopefully incorporating some vlogging as well! I have a ton of topics to touch on but for now I kinda wanna just recap whats been happening in life with work/business, school, family, friends and love.

Work: I have been out of work since March 2020 (thanks COVID), and this week I’m starting a new position. Scary is an understatement when it comes to describing jumping back into the workforce. I had 4 interviews in one week and received all 4 offers. I then had to choose which job I wanted based on their benefits, locations, salary, etc. I’ve never had that happen and it was pretty amazing to feel like I nailed them all! Even a few of them wanted to negotiate salary and offered more money because they were so interested. I ended up choosing one with a great location and seemingly great environment. I’m confident that I’ll do well and hopeful that it’ll work out and I made the right decisions.

Business: one word: BOOMING. Being in the midst of a panorama (I understand its called a pandemic, but any big word beginning in ‘p’ will work here) had people hungry. Especially when everyone said fuck it and started throwing parties and kick-backs again. I was granted the opportunity to make over 50 dozen cupcakes for a new local business. I’ve built a rapport with the owner and she keeps swinging business my way. I continue to build my own recipes, focusing on being consistent and now it’s time to learn and practice the very thing I said I’d never do – fondant. I really don’t want to, but I think the training will be great in order to take my business to the next level. What level is that? No idea. But that’s another blog post for another day baby.

School: We’re out of there! I am officially a New York State Certified Pastry Artist. It doesn’t feel real, mostly because there was no graduation ceremony, but I threw a lit ass graduation BBQ and I loved celebrating with my people. To be honest, I didn’t learn a lot that I thought I would. My expectation was to come out ready to be a contestant on a baking competition show and that’s damn sure not what happened. I had an amazing chef instructor, Chef Rob, that really took the time to help us focus on what we wanted to within the time we had. He taught me a lot of the “why behind the what.” I knew I was supposed to do certain things in the kitchen, for instance, mixing your flour in last in baking recipes. But he taught me the why, which is because flour produces gluten which can cause a cake or cookie to be tough or dry. I never thought I would be making bread and enjoy it, but it was one of my favorite parts of class. It actually made me want to go back into the full culinary program, but at a more establish school. The one good thing about the pandemic was that it gave me this time to focus on school and I was able to put my head in the game and finish with flying colors. Chile, I even passed a math class and ya’ll KNOW I hate Math.

Family, Friends & Love: My family is great. Crazy, but great. My favorite uncle turned 60 this year and we had a great yarty (yard party) for him and all of my family was together. That hasn’t happened in YEARS, and it was really dope to see. As many issues as my family has individually, and with each other, I’m glad we all came together. If there’s one thing this pandemonium taught me, is that losing people can come quick and you’ll never be ready. Tell people you love them and mean it. Show up. Be present. Love hard. All that good shit. One of my best friends is pregnant, my baby sis Juju is almost a doctor, and my other best friend Jay is getting ready to release his first ever single. Everyone around me is literally following their dreams and collecting their blessings and just thinking about it makes me elated. I’ve “lost” a “friend,” and I use those terms loosely. But again, another post for another day, but it will be a post because BAYBAAAYYY….whew. A time! I’ve adopted a new sister during this ponderosa too! This past year has shown me my true tribe. I don’t have to have a million people around me. A solid 5 people is so much better than having to question 20.

Now on to this love thang. Newsflash: we’re still single. LOL. BUT…….there’s some potential around! My goal is to take every day for what it is and not apply so much pressure to myself and just be myself, but to also stand tall on what I want. There’s so much time and there’s no rush for anything, but I’m sure you’ll hear more about this soon too.

Upcoming: I’ve decided to do an Ancestory DNA test and see what happens with that! I’m excited and really nervous to share those results, but I will absolutely be doing a post on that as well. I want to also vlog making one of my recipes, and a trip that I have coming up! I’m really excited to revamp this blog! I don’t care how long it takes me to become consistent with it, I’ll always come back to it! It’s one of my babies. Thank you all for reading and rocking with me! I’ll be back SOON!

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